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!!!! Need to enter baptismal record. 
NILSSON, Carl Johan (I8310)
!!!! Need to find Sara's death record. 
TORSDOTTER, Sara (I2637)
1838-1844 V?astra Eneby, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1844-1851 Kisa, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1851-1872 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1872-1890 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
MAGNUSSON, Sven Magnus (I8652)
1841-1865 G?ardeby, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1865 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1865 ?Atvid, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1866-1891 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1885 Norrk?opings Matteus, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1885-1891 ?Ostra Eneby, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1910 Norrk?opings Hedvig, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
KARLSSON, Per August (I8664)
1844-1851 Kisa, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1851-1866 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1866-1904 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1885 Norrk?opings Matteus, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1885-1891 ?Ostra Eneby, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER, Josefina Carolina (I8653)
1849-1876 Ringarum, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1874-1877 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
ABRAHAMSSON, Per Severin (I8686)
1850-1863 Kisa, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1863 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER, Hulda Helena (I8661)
1852-1871 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1867 Norrk?oping, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1871 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER, Ida Amalia (I8662)
1856 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSSON, Anders Magnus (I8657)
1858-1872 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1872 Norrk?oping, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER-LINDEN, Selma Augusta (I8663)
1861 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1861 Nykil, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER, Anna Lovisa (I8658)
1863-1864 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1864-1867 Link?opings Sankt Lars, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1867 USA 
SVENSSON, Sven Jakob (I8660)
1863-1869 Skeda, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1864-1866 Nykil, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1869 Norrk?oping, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1869-1877 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1870-1871 Norrk?opings Hedvig, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1875-1876 Ringarum, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
SVENSDOTTER, Hedvig Mathilda (I8659)
1868-1885 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1885-1901 ?Ostra Eneby, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1901-1945 Norrk?opings Matteus, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
CARLSSON, Karl Erik (I8667)
1871-1872 Sankt Anna, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1874-1881 Norrk?opings Sankt Johannes, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1881-1883 Kvillinge, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1901-1952 Norrk?opings Matteus, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
ANDERSSON, Anna Erika (I8674)
1901-1939 ?Ostra Eneby, ?Ostrag?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1920 Uppland
1923 Norrk?opings Sankt Olai, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE
1942-1945 Norrk?opings Hedvig, ?Osterg?otlands l?an, SVERIGE 
KARLSSON, Karl Harald (I8679)
3 children in Lewis and Braxton Counties, WV.

In a note to a family tree that includes this family, the author says, "Have one of her son's lines worked out pretty well through 1880s but other [?] I have lost after 1830." 
RIFFLE, Christina (I1578)
50th wedding anniversary celebration was held on 22 Aug 1976 as an open house celebration at the Municipal Building, Rush City, Chisago Co, MN. 200 friends and relatives gathered to congratulate them. President and Betty Ford sent greetings. 
Family (F853)
6 children under 20 in 1860 USA Census. 
Family (F1630)
A captain during the Revolutionary War. 
REED, David (I1275)
A pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Worked with W. Douglas Larson on his picture taking exhibitions (to earn money for college).

Graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College. 
BINGEA, Richard J. (I3277)
According to family history account, Jane lived in Cleveland. 
OLSON, Jane (I626)
According to Mable H. CORPE:

"Emma was a very fine person. We all liked her. She was a nurse and lived in Philadelphia but, in later years, we never heard from her. I myself wrote to her and received no answer." 
HESTER, Emma (I1403)
According to the 1900 USA Census, Margaret had borne 8 children all of whom still were alive. 
Margaret (I6957)
According to the SSDI, Bernell's last residence was USA - Colorado - Larimer County - Loveland. 
KINTON, Bernell (I4886)
According to Tomas SAMUELSSON, Olga Elisabet came to America. 
UTTERBERG, Olga Elisabet (I7366)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LAITURI, Mauno John (I3365)
After her divorce, Florence returned to using the surname "VANCE." 
VANCE, Florence (I7783)
Agnes was from USA - Pennsylvania - Lancaster County - Salisbury Township. 
Agnes (I6261)
Ailean was a R.N. from USA - Illinois - Cook County - Chicago. 
LANZEROTTI, Ailean (I6549)

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