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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gunhilda  1023London, Middlesex, England P5613 Lavender 
2 Arrowsmith, Alfred  Abt 1841London, Middlesex, England P762 Lavender 
3 Baring, Dorothy Elizabeth  13 Feb 1771London, Middlesex, England P18522 Lavender 
4 Baring, Frances Emily  1813London, Middlesex, England P10571 Lavender 
5 Baring, Godfrey ( Hampshire Regt)  Abt 1872London, Middlesex, England P12684 Lavender 
6 Baring, Harriet  3 May 1804London, Middlesex, England P13347 Lavender 
7 Baring, Lt. gen Charles (Coldstream Guards)  26 June 1829London, Middlesex, England P5846 Lavender 
8 Baring, Mabel  Abt 1862London, Middlesex, England P12685 Lavender 
9 BARING, Maria  25 Oct 1769London, Middlesex, England P18523 Lavender 
10 Baring, Maurice ( Royal Flying Corps)  27 April 1874London, Middlesex, England P10556 Lavender 
11 Baring, Olivia  Abt 1864London, Middlesex, England P12686 Lavender 
12 Baring, Sir Thomas 2nd Baronet  12 Jun 1772London, Middlesex, England P18521 Lavender 
13 Baring, William Frederick  12 Aug 1822London, Middlesex, England P10570 Lavender 
14 Beauclerk Dundas, Lady Caroline  1772London, Middlesex, England P14433 Lavender 
15 Bingham, Violet Mary  26 Mar 1880London, Middlesex, England P6533 Lavender 
16 Bissett, Annie  Abt 1874London, Middlesex, England P11954 Lavender 
17 Boardman, Minnie Lucy Ann  22 November 1866London, Middlesex, England P12036 Lavender 
18 Bruce, Elizabeth  Jan 1688London, Middlesex, England P6478 Lavender 
19 Brundell, William  Abt 1860London, Middlesex, England P9661 Lavender 
20 Butler, Margaret  1465London, Middlesex, England P5066 Lavender 
21 CHAMBERS, Katherine *  1550London, Middlesex, England P13073 Lavender 
22 Denmark, Queen consort of Germany, Gunhilda Cnutsdatter of  1023London, Middlesex, England P2494 Lavender 
23 Dudley, Guildford  Oct 1536London, Middlesex, England P18162 Lavender 
24 Elphinstone, Jean Constance  3 Apr 1915London, Middlesex, England P6216 Lavender 
25 Este-Hanover, Augustus Frederick d'  13 January 1794London, Middlesex, England P16937 Lavender 
26 FitzAlan, Margaret  1475London, Middlesex, England P10811 Lavender 
27 FitzGeorge,, Adolphus Augustus Frederick (Rear Admiral Royal Navy)  30 Jan 1846London, Middlesex, England P16942 Lavender 
28 FitzGeorge,, Augustus Charles Frederick Colonel 11th Hussars)  12 Jun 1847London, Middlesex, England P16941 Lavender 
29 Fitzherbert, HARRIETT MARIA 2  1816London, Middlesex, England P1322 Lavender 
30 Fitzroy, Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria  1650London, Middlesex, England P5922 Lavender 
31 Gifford, Robert Francis(2nd Baron Gifford )  27 Jun 1819London, Middlesex, England P13438 Lavender 
32 Gordon-Lennox, Capt Reginald Arthur Charles (Scots gds)  13 May 1910London, Middlesex, England P12907 Lavender 
33 Howard, Anne Alethia  1657London, Middlesex, England P18475 Lavender 
34 Howard, Frances  1661London, Middlesex, England P18473 Lavender 
35 Howard, Henry (6th Duke of Norfolk)  12 Jul 1628London, Middlesex, England P18455 Lavender 
36 Howard, James  1602London, Middlesex, England P18428 Lavender 
37 Howard, Lady Catherine  1635London, Middlesex, England P18450 Lavender 
38 Jadwin, Robert  19 Mar 1586London, Middlesex, England P11727 Lavender 
39 Knatchbull, Joanna Edwina Doreen  5 Mar 1955London, Middlesex, England P13281 Lavender 
40 Knatchbull, Philip Wyndham Ashley  2 Dec 1961London, Middlesex, England P13282 Lavender 
41 Knight, William Alfred Mortimer  Abt 1320London, Middlesex, England P6592 Lavender 
42 Lamb, George Augustus  28 Aug 1807London, Middlesex, England P7840 Lavender 
43 Lennox, Charles ( 3rd Duke of RIchmond) (72nd Foot)  22 Feb 1734London, Middlesex, England P9571 Lavender 
44 Lennox, Lady Louisa Augusta  24 Nov 1743London, Middlesex, England P9573 Lavender 
45 Massingberd, Elizabeth  1640London, Middlesex, England P13015 Lavender 
46 Montagu, Henry  1643London, Middlesex, England P10823 Lavender 
47 Montagu, Lady Mary  1711London, Middlesex, England P6490 Lavender 
48 Petrie, Elizabeth  1537London, Middlesex, England P9426 Lavender 
49 Phillpot, Mary Ann  About 1821London, Middlesex, England P1705 Lavender 
50 Plantagenet, Mary  1423London, Middlesex, England P4949 Lavender 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (King Of England), Edmund II  30 Nov 1016London, Middlesex, England P3447 Lavender 
2 Baring, Frances Emily  14 Mar 1886London, Middlesex, England P10571 Lavender 
3 BARROWS, ELIZABETH 1  About February 1918London, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1777 Lavender 
4 Berkeley, Fenella Fitzhardinge  20 Nov 1903London, Middlesex, England P13424 Lavender 
5 Berkeley, Joane de  2 Oct 1369London, Middlesex, England P6569 Lavender 
6 Bouling, Lady Margaret  1520London, Middlesex, England P8883 Lavender 
7 Campbell, Archibald (7th Earl of Argyll)  18 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England P12197 Lavender 
8 Campbell, Edith Lady  July 6, 1913London, Middlesex, England P7622 Lavender 
9 Clermont, Adelise Adeliza Alice De 1  1117London, Middlesex, England P3225 Lavender 
10 De pole, Richard  1504London, Middlesex, England P17185 Lavender 
11 De vere, Alberic  1088London, Middlesex, England P16801 Lavender 
12 De vere, Aubrey II  15 May 1141London, Middlesex, England P3253 Lavender 
13 De vere, Margaret  15 June 1398London, Middlesex, England P12368 Lavender 
14 DeMandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex, Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey 'Magna Carta Baron'  23 Feb 1216London, Middlesex, England P3440 Lavender 
15 DESPENSER, Eleanor  30 Sep 1328London, Middlesex, England P11694 Lavender 
16 Devereux, Sir Richard  13 Oct 1547London, Middlesex, England P11656 Lavender 
17 Devereux nd Earl Essex, Robert  25 Feb 1601London, Middlesex, England P11661 Lavender 
18 England, Elfleda Of  London, Middlesex, England P2531 Lavender 
19 Fitzgeorge, Sophia Jane  3 Feb 1920London, Middlesex, England P16948 Lavender 
20 Fitzroy, Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria  1684London, Middlesex, England P5922 Lavender 
21 Gordon-Lennox, Amelia Frederica  20 Oct 1841London, Middlesex, England P11914 Lavender 
22 Grosvenor, Lady Margaret Evelyn  27 Mar 1929London, Middlesex, England P7273 Lavender 
23 Howard, Elizabeth (Countess of Wiltshire & Ormonde)  3 Apr 1537London, Middlesex, England P5040 Lavender 
24 Howard, Frances  14 May 1598London, Middlesex, England P14115 Lavender 
25 Howard, James  16 Aug 1652London, Middlesex, England P18428 Lavender 
26 Howard, Mary  16 Aug 1652London, Middlesex, England P18431 Lavender 
27 Kerr, Robert (1st marquess of Lothian)(4th Earl,of Lothian)(  15 Feb 1703London, Middlesex, England P16078 Lavender 
28 Lade, Clara Alice  Jun 1872London, Middlesex, England P16721 Lavender 
29 Lennox, Emily (Duchess of Leinster and Countess of Kildare")  27 Mar 1814London, Middlesex, England P9575 Lavender 
30 Montagu, Henry  7 May 1671London, Middlesex, England P17769 Lavender 
31 Morcarson, Ealdgyth  1016London, Middlesex, England P3446 Lavender 
32 Neville, EDWARD  8 Dec 1538London, Middlesex, England P9233 Lavender 
33 Neville, John 3rd Baron of Latymer  2 Mar 1542London, Middlesex, England P5045 Lavender 
34 Newton, Elizabeth Catherine (Nazareth)  16 Apr 1583London, Middlesex, England P17046 Lavender 
35 Paget, Jane  30 Jun 1842London, Middlesex, England P15217 Lavender 
36 Paget, William  London, Middlesex, England P17039 Lavender 
37 PHILLPOT, Charles Lewis  About June 1838London, Middlesex, ENGLAND P1704 Lavender 
38 Phillpot, JAMES CHARLES 1  February 1899London, Middlesex, England P1691 Lavender 
39 Plantagenet, Henry VI (KING OF ENGLAND) Lancaster  21 May 1471London, Middlesex, England P4948 Lavender 
40 Poyntz, William  13 Apr 1809London, Middlesex, England P15338 Lavender 
41 Prince of England, Edward ("Aethling the Exile")  Feb 1057London, Middlesex, England P3291 Lavender 
42 Prince of Wessex, Edgar Atheling  1126London, Middlesex, England P3445 Lavender 
43 Radcliffe, Thomas (3rd Earl of Sussex )  9 Jun 1583London, Middlesex, England P9421 Lavender 
44 ROGERS, Beverly  14 Apr 1934London, Middlesex, England P8620 Lavender 
45 ROGERS, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1634London, Middlesex, England P8621 Lavender 
46 Seymour, Charlotte Frances Frederica  31 Oct 1903London, Middlesex, England P5807 Lavender 
47 Seymour, John  21 Dec 1536London, Middlesex, England P5042 Lavender 
48 Smith, Margaret, ( Countess of Lucan)  27 Feb 1814London, Middlesex, England P5762 Lavender 
49 Spencer, Catherine  7 Dec 1612London, Middlesex, England P10816 Lavender 
50 Spencer, Victoria Alexandria  1906London, Middlesex, England P5800 Lavender 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carey / Cokayne  24 Oct 1568London, Middlesex, England F1091 Lavender 
2 Courtenay / york plantagent  Oct 1495London, Middlesex, England F3562 Lavender 
3 De spencer / DeClare  1306London, Middlesex, England F1285 Lavender 
4 DeBurgh, 1st Earl of Kent / FITZROBERT  Sep 1217London, Middlesex, England F1875 Lavender 
5 DeMandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex / FITZROBERT  20 Jan 1214London, Middlesex, England F1876 Lavender 
6 Duncombe / Stewart  18 Dec 1823London, Middlesex, England F4335 Lavender 
7 Egerton / Churchill  9 Feb 1703London, Middlesex, England F2197 Lavender 
8 Howard / Somerset  1652London, Middlesex, England F5291 Lavender 
9 Montagu / Cheeke  30 Dec 1642London, Middlesex, England F2844 Lavender 
10 Neville / Parr  1533London, Middlesex, England F4642 Lavender 
11 Percy, 10th Earl Of Northumberland / Howard  1 Oct 1642London, Middlesex, England F3180 Lavender 
12 Spencer / Baring  25 Jul 1887London, Middlesex, England F1305 Lavender 
13 Thynne / Vesey,  20 Aug 1861London, Middlesex, England F4097 Lavender 
14 Tudor / Boleyn  25 Jan 1533London, Middlesex, England F1066 Lavender 
15 Villiers / Bayning  31 Oct 1639London, Middlesex, England F4060 Lavender 
16 Wriothesley / Browne  19 Feb 1566London, Middlesex, England F3181 Lavender 
17 Wriothesley / Cheney  1533London, Middlesex, England F3182 Lavender 

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