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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Constantine I (King of the Picts)  836Scotland P2606 Lavender 
2 Fergusa Urgusia of the Picts 1  755Scotland P2619 Lavender 
3 Malcolm I (King of Scotland) 1  Abt 0897Scotland P2564 Lavender 
4 Bernicia, Gwynia  Scotland P18808 Lavender 
5 Bickerton, Jane  1644Scotland P18477 Lavender 
6 Bowes Lyon, Lady Glennis Mary Frances  1884Scotland P6210 Lavender 
7 Campbell, Constance Harriet Lady  November 11, 1864Scotland P7628 Lavender 
8 Campbell, Elizabeth  February 14, 1852Scotland P7624 Lavender 
9 Campbell, George  1570Scotland P12182 Lavender 
10 Campbell, Jean  Abt. 1663Scotland P16074 Lavender 
11 Campbell, Margaret  1433Scotland P4806 Lavender 
12 Campbell, Margaret  1545Scotland P12195 Lavender 
13 Campbell, Mary Emma Lady  September 22, 1859Scotland P7627 Lavender 
14 Danzielstour, HUGH  1270Scotland P8514 Lavender 
15 Dunbar, Patrick  1350Scotland P8503 Lavender 
16 Dunbar, William  1639Scotland P4762 Lavender 
17 Elphinston, William  1775Scotland P7589 Lavender 
18 ERSKINE, Diana Isabel  02 Feb 1892Scotland P18738 Lavender 
19 Fallow, Annabella  Abt 1420Scotland P12966 Lavender 
20 FitzDuncan Skipton, Cecily Lady Albemarle Skipton Heiress 1  1131Scotland P3007 Lavender 
21 Fullerton, Elizabeth  1758Scotland P7584 Lavender 
22 Gage, Charles Wentworth  28 Feb 1832Scotland P9615 Lavender 
23 Hamilton, Christian  1549Scotland P4712 Lavender 
24 Home, Magdalene  1557Scotland P12956 Lavender 
25 Kennedy-Erskine, Wilhelmina  27 June 1830Scotland P14576 Lavender 
26 Kerr, Lt Gen William(2nd marquess of lothian)(5th lord of Jedburgh) 7th Regiment of Dragoons  Abt. 1661Scotland P16073 Lavender 
27 Kerr, Mary Marchioness  1673Scotland P16091 Lavender 
28 Little, John  Abt 1769Scotland P2255 Lavender 
29 Lyle, Margaret  About 1470Scotland P9515 Lavender 
30 Lyon, Margaret  1555Scotland P13843 Lavender 
31 Lyon Bowes, Thomas  3 May 1773Scotland P9503 Lavender 
32 MacDonald, Florence  1700Scotland P16761 Lavender 
33 Mackenzie, Alexander, 2nd Baronet Mackenzie of Gairloch,  Scotland P16765 Lavender 
34 Maitland, James  11 Oct 1756Scotland P6352 Lavender 
35 Maitland, John  1732Scotland P4206 Lavender 
36 Maitland, Richard  10 Feb 1724Scotland P4112 Lavender 
37 Maitland Gibson, Augustus  27 Mar 1800Scotland P6350 Lavender 
38 Maxwell, Lord Lamington and, Edward Commendator of Dundrennan Abbey  Abt 1560Scotland P15281 Lavender 
39 McDonald, Donald (13th clanranald)  Abt 1614Scotland P16737 Lavender 
40 McLeod, Margaret  Abt 1765Scotland P16064 Lavender 
41 Montgomery #, Marion  1535Scotland P12213 Lavender 
42 Ogilvie-Grant, Alice Elizabeth  2 Feb 1856Scotland P12888 Lavender 
43 Ogilvy, James (3rd Earl of Findlater)  1637Scotland P4760 Lavender 
44 Picts, Ainftech Ainflech of the  Scotland P16807 Lavender 
45 Picts, Loich Daireson Alba  26 BCScotland P10266 Lavender 
46 Princess of Scotland, MARY  1082Scotland P3285 Lavender 
47 Scott, Earl of Dalkeith, Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry Earl of Doncaster, Francis  11 January 1694Scotland P13389 Lavender 
48 Seton, Margaret  1480Scotland P4841 Lavender 
49 Seton, Martha  1457Scotland P4844 Lavender 
50 Stewart, Francis  1636Scotland P17429 Lavender 
51 Stewart, Lady Isabel  1489Scotland P5689 Lavender 
52 Stewart, Sir John (of Ralston, Ralstoun)  1318Scotland P8493 Lavender 
53 Stewart, Walter (3rd High Steward of Scotland)  1204Scotland P11991 Lavender 
54 Stuart, Mary  Abt 1713Scotland P11739 Lavender 
55 Stuart of Ardmaleish, Sir John  1570Scotland P11765 Lavender 
56 Tollemache, Catherine  1661Scotland P16919 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adam  1166Scotland P10752 Lavender 
2 Fergusa Urgusia of the Picts 1  Scotland P2619 Lavender 
3 Annandio, Islay De..  Scotland P12012 Lavender 
4 Bernicia, Gwynia  Scotland P18808 Lavender 
5 Boyd, Margaret  31 Aug 1559Scotland P4850 Lavender 
6 Campbell, Archibald ( 5th Earl of Argyll)  12 September 1573Scotland P12193 Lavender 
7 Campbell, Catherine Lady  14 Dec 1577Scotland P11295 Lavender 
8 Campbell, Dugald  Nov 1665Scotland P11283 Lavender 
9 Campbell, Elizabeth Isabel  15 May 1548Scotland P12171 Lavender 
10 Campbell, GRIZEL Isabella  1650Scotland P11757 Lavender 
11 Campbell, John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland 9th Duke of Argyll  1914Scotland P7615 Lavender 
12 Campbell, Lady Mary  1580Scotland P11766 Lavender 
13 Campbell, Margaret  Feb 1481Scotland P4806 Lavender 
14 Campbell, Margaret  Feb 1571Scotland P12195 Lavender 
15 Campbell, Mary  Scotland P11277 Lavender 
16 Campbell, Mary  1580Scotland P12188 Lavender 
17 De Annand, Lady Islay  Scotland P12011 Lavender 
18 De LYON, Lady Jean *  1260Scotland P11390 Lavender 
19 DeMoray, Margaret of Kersdale  Feb 1238Scotland P11461 Lavender 
20 Douglas, Helen  1419Scotland P12968 Lavender 
21 Douglas, Margaret  24 May 1579Scotland P4698 Lavender 
22 Dunbar, Patrick  1435Scotland P8503 Lavender 
23 Elphinstone, Alexander Sir Barns Scotland  26 Oct 1654Scotland P7596 Lavender 
24 Fleming, Elizabeth  Scotland P4745 Lavender 
25 Fleming, Elizabeth  Oct 1676Scotland P4746 Lavender 
26 Fleming, Janet  Scotland P4742 Lavender 
27 Fleming, William  1556Scotland P4748 Lavender 
28 Fleming, William  22 Aug 1592Scotland P4741 Lavender 
29 Forbes, Helen Margaret  1655Scotland P7597 Lavender 
30 Gordon, Adam  Scotland P13785 Lavender 
31 Gordon, Adam  1537 - 1538Scotland P5672 Lavender 
32 Gordon, Agnes  1525Scotland P17842 Lavender 
33 Gordon, Charles (1st Earl of Aboyne )  Mar 1681Scotland P12231 Lavender 
34 Gordon, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1525Scotland P5677 Lavender 
35 Gordon, Gisela  1625Scotland P15266 Lavender 
36 Gordon, Isabel  Scotland P11448 Lavender 
37 Gordon, Isabel  1485Scotland P17846 Lavender 
38 Gordon, Isabel  Oct 1485Scotland P5678 Lavender 
39 GORDON, James  1550Scotland P17834 Lavender 
40 Gordon, Janet  18 Nov 1596Scotland P4800 Lavender 
41 GORDON, Lady Elizabeth  24 Nov 1549Scotland P17839 Lavender 
42 Gordon, Margaret  1506Scotland P17838 Lavender 
43 gordon, Margaret  24 Nov 1549Scotland P17835 Lavender 
44 Graham, Isabella (Isabel) de  Abt 1325Scotland P8491 Lavender 
45 Graham, Margaret  1545Scotland P12192 Lavender 
46 Hamilton, Anne  1 Jan 1576Scotland P4716 Lavender 
47 Hamilton, James  1574Scotland P4717 Lavender 
48 Hamilton, James  1609Scotland P4711 Lavender 
49 Hamilton, Margaret  1544Scotland P4722 Lavender 
50 Hay, Isabella  20 Oct 1516Scotland P12962 Lavender 
51 Hepburn, William Bothwell  1572Scotland P12854 Lavender 
52 Innes, Isabel  1560Scotland P11996 Lavender 
53 Kerr, Elizabeth  22 May 1758Scotland P16080 Lavender 
54 Lauder, Captain Robert  12 Nov1597Scotland P12957 Lavender 
55 Lauder, William "Chief of Clan "  Jul 1575Scotland P12959 Lavender 
56 Lauderdale, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1753Scotland P4589 Lavender 
57 Lindsey, Margaret  12Scotland P8511 Lavender 
58 Mac Donald of Baleshare, Ranald  May 1724Scotland P16753 Lavender 
59 MacDonald, Marion of Griminish  1771Scotland P16734 Lavender 
60 Macdonald, Mary Dunnyveg  Scotland P16747 Lavender 
61 MacDougall, Alexander, 4th Clan chief of Clan  16 Mar 1307Scotland P11393 Lavender 
62 MacGilmory, Lady Findoig Finval  1200Scotland P11324 Lavender 
63 Mackay, Alexander  Scotland P16065 Lavender 
64 MacKenzie, Janet  1593Scotland P17475 Lavender 
65 MacKenzie, Janet  1618Scotland P17455 Lavender 
66 MacKenzie, Janet Jennette  1618Scotland P17468 Lavender 
67 MacKenzie, Margaret  June 1570Scotland P17469 Lavender 
68 MacKenzie, Mary  15 May 1593Scotland P17464 Lavender 
69 Mackenzie of Lochslin, John  1631Scotland P17450 Lavender 
70 MackIntosh, Chief Lachlan Mor 16th Chief of Mackintosh 17th Chief of Chattan  Oct 1609Scotland P14899 Lavender 
71 Macleod, Moire  Scotland P16745 Lavender 
72 Maitland, James  Scotland P6352 Lavender 
73 Marshall, Robert  1632Scotland P17485 Lavender 
74 Maxwell, Elizabeth  Dec 1620Scotland P15271 Lavender 
75 McDonald, Donald  1865Scotland P11953 Lavender 
76 Moir, Janet  1720Scotland P18129 Lavender 
77 Montifex, Lady Mary  1424Scotland P8481 Lavender 
78 Mrs Malcolm  1002Scotland P2597 Lavender 
79 Northumbria, Aelflaed Sybilla FitzSiward  1040Scotland P7817 Lavender 
80 Picts, WROLD Of the  Scotland P5565 Lavender 
81 Roche, Frances Ruth  2004Scotland P5825 Lavender 
82 ROGERS, Ray Barnaby  1564Scotland P8614 Lavender 
83 Rognvaldsson, Somerled  Scotland P11394 Lavender 
84 Ruthven, Barbara  21 Jul 1594Scotland P11552 Lavender 
85 Seton, George  Mar 1562Scotland P4687 Lavender 
86 Seton, Margaret  1471Scotland P15055 Lavender 
87 Seton, Margaret  1535Scotland P10868 Lavender 
88 Seton, Margaret  1535Scotland P4841 Lavender 
89 Seton, Margaret  10 Feb 1616Scotland P4683 Lavender 
90 Shaw, James  Scotland P12010 Lavender 
91 Steuart, Helen  22 Jun 1774Scotland P18141 Lavender 
92 Stewart, Amelia  18 Feb 1711Scotland P11751 Lavender 
93 Stewart, Anne  1719Scotland P17423 Lavender 
94 Stewart, John I  Mar 1607Scotland P15265 Lavender 
95 Stewart, Lady Isabel  25 Nov 1564Scotland P5689 Lavender 
96 Stewart, Lady Jean  7 Jan 1586Scotland P5873 Lavender 
97 Stuart, Barbara  Scotland P11759 Lavender 
98 Stuart, James (Lord Doune)  1 Nov 1700Scotland P17433 Lavender 
99 Sutherland Baron Strathnaver, Sir William Gordon 17th Laird Sutherland  13 Jul 1720Scotland P16921 Lavender 
100 Von Braunschweig, Agatha England  1067Scotland P3290 Lavender 

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Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Murphy, William  Scotland P11931 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Campbell / Douglas  1520Scotland F3375 Lavender 
2 Campbell / Gordon  1516Scotland F3374 Lavender 
3 Campbell / Graham  21 Apr 1541Scotland F3378 Lavender 
4 Fleming / Hamilton  Bef 23 Dec 1553Scotland F996 Lavender 
5 Gordon / Innes  1470Scotland F3295 Lavender 
6 Gordon / Stewart  Abt 14 Oct 1474Scotland F3298 Lavender 
7 Kerr / McDonald  1837Scotland F3282 Lavender 
8 Lauder / Fallow  Scotland F3617 Lavender 
9 Lauder / McDougal  Scotland F3614 Lavender 
10 Lennox / De Mar  1285Scotland F3150 Lavender 
11 Lothar / Verch Eochaid  Scotland F2635 Lavender 
12 MacDonachadh / Northumbria  1030Scotland F1885 Lavender 
13 Macdonald / Macleod  15 Feb 1613Scotland F4782 Lavender 
14 Maitland / Cunningham  1680Scotland F977 Lavender 
15 McDonald / MacDonald  1718Scotland F4779 Lavender 
16 nd Laird Skipness / Montgomery #  1580Scotland F3405 Lavender 
17 O'Neill / Mac lean  Abt. 1530Scotland F3407 Lavender 
18 Shaw / Stewart  1455Scotland F3309 Lavender 
19 Stewart / Cockburn  4 May 1380Scotland F3028 Lavender 
20 Stewart Baronet Bute / Campbell  Scotland F3224 Lavender 

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