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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beauclerk, James  25 Dec 1671Westminster, London, England P5907 Lavender 
2 Belasyse, Elizabeth  17 Jan 1770Westminster, London, England P5760 Lavender 
3 Bingham, Anne  1797Westminster, London, England P5764 Lavender 
4 Brudenell-Bruce, Robert Thomas  25 Jan 1845Westminster, London, England P15512 Lavender 
5 Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Karl Georg August of  8 February 1766Westminster, London, England P7881 Lavender 
6 Bulkeley, Anne  1680Westminster, London, England P6280 Lavender 
7 Cadogan, Charlotte  11 Jul 1781Westminster, London, England P12272 Lavender 
8 Compton, William Bingham (Royal Horse Guards)  6 Aug 1885Westminster, London, England P14559 Lavender 
9 Darnley, Catherine, "illegitimate" Lady  1681Westminster, London, England P5945 Lavender 
10 Fitz-Clarence, Lionel Frederick  24 July 1857Westminster, London, England P14573 Lavender 
11 FitzJames, Arabella "illegitimate"  1674Westminster, London, England P5939 Lavender 
12 FitzJames, Henrietta "illegitimate"  1667Westminster, London, England P5940 Lavender 
13 FitzJames, Henry "illegitimate", Duke of Albemarle  1673Westminster, London, England P5941 Lavender 
14 Godfrey, Col Charles  1648Westminster, London, England P6274 Lavender 
15 Gordon-Lennox, Lucy Frances  3 Jun 1828Westminster, London, England P11915 Lavender 
16 Howard, James (Lord Maltravers of Mowbray)  1607Westminster, London, England P18447 Lavender 
17 Kerr, William John  13 Mar 1736Westminster, London, England P16072 Lavender 
18 Lascelles, Vreda E M  17 Sep 1900Westminster, London, England P13298 Lavender 
19 Leslie, Lionel Alistair David  27.6.1900Westminster, London, England P15192 Lavender 
20 Mackintosh, Eva Hermione  1876Westminster, London, England P12861 Lavender 
21 Manners, Grace Louisa  04 Dec 1777Westminster, London, England P14443 Lavender 
22 Montagu, Anne  2 Mar 1637Westminster, London, England P10829 Lavender 
23 Montagu, Anne Harvey  6 Nov 1674WESTMINSTER, LONDON, ENGLAND P8810 Lavender 
24 Montagu, Bertie ( 2nd Earl of Lindsey)  1608Westminster, London, England P8873 Lavender 
25 Montagu, William  1720Westminster, London, England P10216 Lavender 
26 of Hannover, Adolphus Frederick  24 February 1774Westminster, London, England P5991 Lavender 
27 Paget, Agnes  11 Feb 1804Westminster, London, England P12280 Lavender 
28 Paget, Alfred Henry  29 Jun 1816Westminster, London, England P12275 Lavender 
29 Paget, Alma Martha  1855Westminster, London, England P17780 Lavender 
30 Paget, Emily Olivia Georgiana  Abt 1857Westminster, London, England P17779 Lavender 
31 Paget, Mary  16 Jun 1813Westminster, London, England P12274 Lavender 
32 Paget, Vice-Admiral Hon. Sir Charles Paget RN  7 Oct 1778Westminster, London, England P12297 Lavender 
33 Parish, Hope Mary Woodbine  2 Aug., 1893Westminster, London, England P12492 Lavender 
34 Parker Bowles, Thomas Henry Charles   P6250 Lavender 
35 PERROTT, Edward George Lambert (5th baron)  10 May 1811Westminster, London, England P11535 Lavender 
36 Plantagenet, Edward I (KING OF ENGLAND)  17 Jun 1239Westminster, London, England P5023 Lavender 
37 Stewart, Edward Richard  05 May 1782Westminster, London, England P15237 Lavender 
38 Stuart, Edgar, (Duke of Cambridge)  14 Sep 1667Westminster, London, England P5954 Lavender 
39 Stuart, Elizabeth  1678Westminster, London, England P5930 Lavender 
40 Stuart, Louisa Maria Theresa  28 Jun 1692Westminster, London, England P5934 Lavender 
41 Thynne, John Alexander, (4th Marquess of Bath)  1 Mar 1831Westminster, London, England P13351 Lavender 
42 Thynne, Thomas Ulric  14 Jun 1861Westminster, London, England P14542 Lavender 
43 Tollemache, Jane  26 Mar 1750Westminster, London, England P13173 Lavender 
44 Tollemache, Katherine  06 Oct 1740Westminster, London, England P13162 Lavender 
45 Townshend, Harriet Katherine  29 Nov 1773Westminster, London, England P13312 Lavender 
46 Vere, Diana de Duchess of St Albans  1675Westminster, London, England P14412 Lavender 
47 York Plantagenet, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1466Westminster, London, England P4917 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHBURNHAM, Sir JOHN *  29 Jun 1620Westminster, London, England P18262 Lavender 
2 BARING, Sir Mark  1988Westminster, London, England P12949 Lavender 
3 Brassey, Hilda Madelaine  29 Dec 1971Westminster, London, England P12900 Lavender 
4 Cadogan, Charlotte  8 Jul 1853Westminster, London, England P12272 Lavender 
5 Cavendish, Elizabeth  Abt 1795Westminster, London, England P15605 Lavender 
6 Champagne, Jane  9 Mar 1817Westminster, London, England P12287 Lavender 
7 Churchill, Randolph Henry Spencer Lord  24 Jan 1895Westminster, London, England P8561 Lavender 
8 CHURCHILL, SARAH MILLICENT HERMIONE SPENCER BARONESS AUDLEY  24 Sep 1982Westminster, London, England P8575 Lavender 
9 Churchill, Sir Winston Marlborough  26 Mar 1688Westminster, London, England P6273 Lavender 
10 Devereux, Penelope  7 Jul 1607Westminster, London, England P11662 Lavender 
11 Fitzclarence, Lilian Adelaide Katherine Mary  15 July 1948Westminster, London, England P14567 Lavender 
12 Gordon LENNOX, Charlotte  1833Westminster, London, England P9587 Lavender 
13 Gordon-Lennox, Doris Hilda  5 Feb 1980Westminster, London, England P12903 Lavender 
14 Gordon-Lennox, Lady Caroline Elizabeth  2 November 1934Westminster, London, England P12268 Lavender 
15 Gwyn, Mistress Eleanor Nell  14 Nov 1687Westminster, London, England P5924 Lavender 
16 Lennox, Sarah Lady  30 Aug 1826Westminster, London, England P9572 Lavender 
17 Leslie, Charles Powell Col  15 Nov 1831Westminster, London, England P18586 Lavender 
18 Montagu, Bertie ( 2nd Earl of Lindsey)  25 Jul 1666Westminster, London, England P8873 Lavender 
19 Montagu, 1st Duke of Manchester, Charles  20 Jan 1721Westminster, London, England P9606 Lavender 
20 PAGET, Henry Bayly (1st Earl Uxbridge) (2nd creation)  13 Mar 1812Westminster, London, England P12288 Lavender 
21 Paget, Margaret  10 Sep 1652Westminster, London, England P17066 Lavender 
22 Paget, William (5th Baron of Beaudesert)  19 Oct 1678Westminster, London, England P17067 Lavender 
23 Phillpot, Amy Eleanor  14 January 1999Westminster, London, ENGLAND P731 Lavender 
24 Plantagnant, Henry IV ( King of England)  20 Mar 1413Westminster, London, England P4959 Lavender 
25 Ponsonby, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1940Westminster, London, England P13157 Lavender 
26 Ponsonby, Frederick Edward Neuflize  5 Dec 1993Westminster, London, England P15001 Lavender 
27 Salter, Joan Houlton  24 Jul 1937Westminster, London, England P15523 Lavender 
28 Scotland, Edith Matilda of 1  1 May 1118Westminster, London, England P2324 Lavender 
29 Seymour, Frances  5 Jan 1681Westminster, London, England P11619 Lavender 
30 Sheffield, Helen  12 July 1950Westminster, London, England P18632 Lavender 
31 Stafford, Mary  13 Jan 1693Westminster, London, England P14660 Lavender 
32 Stanhope, Anne  16 Apr 1587Westminster, London, England P16300 Lavender 
33 Stuart, Edgar, (Duke of Cambridge)  8 Jun 1671Westminster, London, England P5954 Lavender 
34 Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, John  10 Mar 1792Westminster, London, England P10248 Lavender 
35 Thynne, Lady Mary  24 Feb 1814Westminster, London, England P13370 Lavender 
36 Thynne, Mary Beatrice  11 Dec 1974Westminster, London, England P14547 Lavender 
37 von Hochberg, 4th Prince of Pless, Hans Heinrich XVII, Wilhelm  26 January 1984Westminster, London, England P15203 Lavender 
38 VonSaxe Gotha, Augusta  8 Feb 1772Westminster, London, England P5990 Lavender 
39 Waldegrave, John James Henry  Jun 1840Westminster, London, England P15164 Lavender 
40 WATSON, Margarita Beatrice  26 Feb 1934Westminster, London, England P16951 Lavender 
41 White, Luke Henry ( 11th Hussars)  4 May 1970Westminster, London, England P5823 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Maitland  1937Westminster, London, England F4021 Lavender 
2 Algernon-Hall / Gildersleeve  27 Jun 1900Westminster, London, England F225 Lavender 
3 Blois / BOULOGNE  1125Westminster, London, England F504 Lavender 
4 Bourke / Ponsonby  8 Jun 1839Westminster, London, England F4074 Lavender 
5 Brudenell Bruce / Warwick-Evans  11 Mar 1944Westminster, London, England F4446 Lavender 
6 Churchill / Hozier  12 Sep 1908Westminster, London, England F2134 Lavender 
7 Elphinstone / Bowes Lyon  14 Jul 1910Westminster, London, England F1396 Lavender 
8 Galitzine / FitzGeorge  12 Aug 1945Westminster, London, England F4865 Lavender 
9 Gordon LENNOX / Campbell  1 Jul 1835Westminster, London, England F3747 Lavender 
10 Kerr / Darcy  06 Nov 1735Westminster, London, England F4591 Lavender 
11 Lavender / Petters  3 Dec 1941Westminster, London, England F2070 Lavender 
12 Lyon Bowes / Grimstead  21 Dec 1820Westminster, London, England F2415 Lavender 
13 Montagu / Popham  12 Apr 1707Westminster, London, England F2606 Lavender 
14 Mountbatten / Ashley  18 Jul 1922Westminster, London, England F3714 Lavender 
15 Mountbatten / Windsor   F1382 Lavender 
16 Ponsonby / Bathurst  16 Mar 1825Westminster, London, England F1894 Lavender 
17 Ponsonby / Eliot  15 Jan 1850Westminster, London, England F1895 Lavender 
18 Ponsonby / Margetson  1704Westminster, London, England F1899 Lavender 
19 Stuart / Davies  1673Westminster, London, England F1321 Lavender 
20 Waldegrave / Waldegrave  05 May 1782Westminster, London, England F4315 Lavender 

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