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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballard, Eliza 'Cissie' Maria  Dec 1872Hastings, Sussex, England P16037 Lavender 
2 Barton, Annie L  Abt 1886Hastings, Sussex, England P13733 Lavender 
3 Barton, Bertha  Abt 1888Hastings, Sussex, England P13735 Lavender 
4 Barton, Charles Albert (Royal army medical corps)  Abt 1886Hastings, Sussex, England P13723 Lavender 
5 Barton, Charles Henry  Abt Apr 1859Hastings, Sussex, England P13717 Lavender 
6 Barton, Charlotte Emma  Abt 1884Hastings, Sussex, England P13724 Lavender 
7 Barton, Edith Mabel  Abt 1890Hastings, Sussex, England P13721 Lavender 
8 Barton, Edward Frederick  1854Hastings, Sussex, England P13719 Lavender 
9 Barton, Emma Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1867Hastings, Sussex, England P13705 Lavender 
10 Barton, Ernest Harry (Royal army service corps)  July 1888Hastings, Sussex, England P13722 Lavender 
11 Barton, Frank  Jul 1871Hastings, Sussex, England P13716 Lavender 
12 Barton, John  Oct 1856Hastings, Sussex, England P13718 Lavender 
13 Barton, Thomas Henry  9 Oct 1825Hastings, Sussex, England P13712 Lavender 
14 Brann, Fanny Annette  Oct 1883Hastings, Sussex, England P858 Lavender 
15 Brundell, Arthur William  Abt 1890Hastings, Sussex, England P9666 Lavender 
16 Davey, Alexander Richard (Kings own loyal Regt)  1867Hastings, Sussex, England P9660 Lavender 
17 Davey, Edwin Charles Saxby  26 Aug 1902Hastings, Sussex, England P16537 Lavender 
18 Davey, Margaret Louisa  1901Hastings, Sussex, England P16538 Lavender 
19 Davey, William Joseph G  27 Jan 1900Hastings, Sussex, England P16539 Lavender 
20 DUKE, SARAH RUTH  Abt 1845Hastings, Sussex, England P9638 Lavender 
21 Firrell, Clement Frank  1st. December, 1890Hastings, Sussex, England P13709 Lavender 
22 Firrell, Doris Emma  October 1895Hastings, Sussex, England P13708 Lavender 
23 Firrell, Ethel  October 1892Hastings, Sussex, England P13701 Lavender 
24 Firrell, Sidney (Royal Sussex regt)  Abt 1894Hastings, Sussex, England P13710 Lavender 
25 Harmer, Elizabeth Beatrice  Abt. Oct 1863Hastings, Sussex, England P9652 Lavender 
26 ISTED, EDWARD  1584Hastings, Sussex, England P8170 Lavender 
27 ISTED, RICHARD  1554Hastings, Sussex, England P8173 Lavender 
28 King, Anne Countess Waldegrave  1790Hastings, Sussex, England P15159 Lavender 
29 Lavender, Charles Henry  Abt 1864Hastings, Sussex, England P9636 Lavender 
30 Lavender, Frank Charles  1 Jan 1905Hastings, Sussex, England P1848 Lavender 
31 LAVENDER, FREDRICK ( 6th Dragoon guards and Royal West Kents)  Abt. Jul 1893Hastings, Sussex, England P9650 Lavender 
32 LAVENDER, HENRY CHARLES  Abt. Jul 1886Hastings, Sussex, England P9649 Lavender 
33 Lavender, Jane  27 Jan 1871Hastings, Sussex, England P8317 Lavender 
34 Lavender, John Frank  25.09.1933Hastings, Sussex, England P13146 Lavender 
35 Lavender, Leslie Charles Lewis  October 1931Hastings, Sussex, England P13145 Lavender 
36 LAVENDER, MAY  Abt. Apr 1885Hastings, Sussex, England P9651 Lavender 
37 LAVENDER, SYDNEY ( Royal Navy)  24 Jul 1900Hastings, Sussex, England P9653 Lavender 
38 Vidler, Flora  Abt 1871Hastings, Sussex, England P8303 Lavender 
39 Vidler (Bryant), Annie Florence Jane  17 Jan 1891Hastings, Sussex, England P8318 Lavender 
40 Wenham, James  1790Hastings, Sussex, England P3722 Lavender 
41 Whitear, Sarah Countess Waldegrave  1787Hastings, Sussex, England P15174 Lavender 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Emma Elizabeth  4 Jan 1916 (Mar 1916)Hastings, Sussex, England P13705 Lavender 
2 Barton, Frederick E (Royal west Kent regt)  Sep 1948Hastings, Sussex, England P13729 Lavender 
3 Barton, John  23 Nov 1891Hastings, Sussex, England P13718 Lavender 
4 Burgess, John  Mar 1943Hastings, Sussex, England P2207 Lavender 
5 Cockett, Mabel Rose  Oct 1982Hastings, Sussex, England P13147 Lavender 
6 Coleman, Harriet  Oct 1936Hastings, Sussex, England P3370 Lavender 
7 Dann, Frederick G.  April 1915Hastings, Sussex, England P15061 Lavender 
8 Dann, George  1934Hastings, Sussex, England P190 Lavender 
9 De Champagne, Margaret  15 Dec 1145Hastings, Sussex, England P2310 Lavender 
10 Drury, Thomas  Jun 1969Hastings, Sussex, England P369 Lavender 
11 Firrell, Doris Emma  Mar 1973Hastings, Sussex, England P13708 Lavender 
12 Haffenden, Harry Frederick (Royal Enginners)  Mar 1967Hastings, Sussex, England P3052 Lavender 
13 Hinkley, Herbert  Jun 1964Hastings, Sussex, England P13188 Lavender 
14 Honeysett, Emily  Sep 1964Hastings, Sussex, England P16038 Lavender 
15 ISTED, JOHN  1557Hastings, Sussex, England P8175 Lavender 
16 Isted, Mary Jane  1943Hastings, Sussex, England P3672 Lavender 
17 Isted, Naomi Mary  13 Feb 1981Hastings, Sussex, England P16007 Lavender 
18 Isted, Reginald Thomas (4th dragoon Guards)  Dec 1972Hastings, Sussex, England P16006 Lavender 
19 ISTED, RICHARD  1617Hastings, Sussex, England P8173 Lavender 
20 Izzard, Harold Charles  Oct 1974Hastings, Sussex, England P16050 Lavender 
21 Jerome, Clarita Claire "The Good"  20 Jan 1935Hastings, Sussex, England P15189 Lavender 
22 Lade, Annie  Jun 1977Hastings, Sussex, England P2108 Lavender 
23 Lavender, Charles (1st Life Guards)  Dec 1956Hastings, Sussex, England P8332 Lavender 
24 Lavender, Edwin 1  Jun 1906Hastings, Sussex, England P471 Lavender 
25 Lavender, Emily Flora  Dec 1947Hastings, Sussex, England P9675 Lavender 
26 Lavender, FREDRICK JOHN (Labour Corps)  1952Hastings, Sussex, England P1052 Lavender 
27 Lavender, Henry  8 Apr 1932Hastings, Sussex, England P8327 Lavender 
28 Lavender, Henry 1  Jun 1932Hastings, Sussex, England P1023 Lavender 
29 Lavender, Henry  29 Jan 1938Hastings, Sussex, England P9645 Lavender 
30 LAVENDER, HENRY CHARLES  Abt. Jan 1892Hastings, Sussex, England P9649 Lavender 
31 Lavender, Herbert (Royal Sussex Regt)  Jun 1967Hastings, Sussex, England P5537 Lavender 
32 Lavender, Jessee  8 Mar 1906Hastings, Sussex, England P8360 Lavender 
33 Lavender, John Frank  1995Hastings, Sussex, England P13146 Lavender 
34 Lavender, Mary  Dec 1943Hastings, Sussex, England P8324 Lavender 
35 Lavender, OWEN 1  1943Hastings, Sussex, England P1053 Lavender 
36 Lavender, Stephen 1  Abt. Oct 1896Hastings, Sussex, England P305 Lavender 
37 Lavender, William  08 Mar 1906Hastings, Sussex, England P8320 Lavender 
38 Lipscomb, Ethel Adelaide  1970Hastings, Sussex, England P13144 Lavender 
39 Lucy, Cecily de  1213Hastings, Sussex, England P10743 Lavender 
40 Lusted, Thomas James  Jun 1968Hastings, Sussex, England P18910 Lavender 
41 Lusted, Walter Henry  Aug 1973Hastings, Sussex, England P18916 Lavender 
42 Marven, Lawrence Verrall  Dec 1972Hastings, Sussex, England P8775 Lavender 
43 Mitchell, Annie Sophia  12 Nov 1912Hastings, Sussex, England P8306 Lavender 
44 Paget, Henry William  17 Jan 1853Hastings, Sussex, England P17143 Lavender 
45 Reeves, Alice Maud  Jun 1964Hastings, Sussex, England P7078 Lavender 
46 Riggs, Emma  11 May 1943Hastings, Sussex, England P3374 Lavender 
47 Vidler, Alfred  7 Apr 1870Hastings, Sussex, England P8279 Lavender 
48 Waldegrave, William 8th Earl Waldegrave  24 Oct 1859Hastings, Sussex, England P15152 Lavender 
49 WARNETT, ANN  1628Hastings, Sussex, England P8172 Lavender 
50 Wenham, George  Hastings, Sussex, England P5339 Lavender 
51 Wenham, James  12 Apr 1830Hastings, Sussex, England P3722 Lavender 
52 Wenham, Robert  1800Hastings, Sussex, England P6255 Lavender 
53 Whitear, Sarah Countess Waldegrave  18 Apr 1873Hastings, Sussex, England P15174 Lavender 

Miejsce zamieszkania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miejsce zamieszkania    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Charles Albert (Royal army medical corps)  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P13723 Lavender 
2 Beaney, Beatrice Maude  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P13745 Lavender 
3 Hoad, Charles Bradley  1911Hastings, Sussex, England P362 Lavender 
4 Isted, Mary Jane  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P3672 Lavender 
5 Lavender, Daisy  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P6727 Lavender 
6 Lavender, Ellen Margaret  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P6729 Lavender 
7 Lavender, Frank Charles  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P1848 Lavender 
8 Lavender, Henry  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P9645 Lavender 
9 Lavender, Henry  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P8327 Lavender 
10 Lavender, Herbert Frederick (The Lestershire Regt)  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P1849 Lavender 
11 Lavender, May  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P8346 Lavender 
12 Vidler, William Reginald (Royal Sussex Regt)  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P8305 Lavender 
13 Williams, Alice Lavender  02 Apr 1911Hastings, Sussex, England P8347 Lavender 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Ballard  1912Hastings, Sussex, England F4576 Lavender 
2 Barton / Pyke  15 May 1852Hastings, Sussex, England F3841 Lavender 
3 Dann / Wood  1903Hastings, Sussex, England F4288 Lavender 
4 Davey / Saxby  27 Aug 1865Hastings, Sussex, England F4717 Lavender 
5 Lavender / Cockett  Mar 1925Hastings, Sussex, England F3673 Lavender 
6 Rich / BROOK  October 1843Hastings, Sussex, England F3359 Lavender 
7 Vidler / Lavender  10 Feb 1890Hastings, Sussex, England F2066 Lavender 

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